Danbys Soothing Lotion 120ml
Danbys Soothing Lotion 120ml

Danbys Soothing Lotion 120ml

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  • Danbys is an international brand from UK manufactured by Danybys Herbal Skin Care International. Danbys is known for its top quality products. Its products range includes from skin care products to hair treatments and various sorts of cosmetics.

    Danbys Soothing Lotion is clinically verified to promptly relax even the most subtle skin. Its consistent use heals dry, sensitive skin with a treatment precisely formulated to restore and guard. This exclusive, emollient-rich formulation routines modest, reliable constituents, and no exasperating scents or dyes, to calm and relief even severely dry skin.

    Manufactured By:
     Danbys company

    Product Weight:

    • 4.05 FL OZ (120 ML)
    • 33.8 FL OZ (1000 ML)

    Storage Instruction: Keep in cool and dry place.

    Package: Bottle

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