Dove Nourishing secrets restoring ritual shampoo 350 ml
Dove Nourishing secrets restoring ritual shampoo 350 ml

Dove Nourishing secrets restoring ritual shampoo 350 ml

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Dove Nourishing Secrets is a range of products inspired by indulging and caring rituals practised by women around the world, combining the intense nourishment from Dove with nature inspired ingredients. Dove Nourishing Secrets Restoring Ritual Shampoo is inspired by Indian rituals of treating damaged hair with blends of coconut oil and turmeric, an exquisite blend of ingredients known for their caring properties. Unveil the secret for beautifully strong and visibly restored hair that's deeply nourished from the inside.
If you‘re searching for an answer on how to repair your hair, it’s time to discover Indian inspired hair beauty secrets. New Dove Nourishing Secrets Restoring Ritual is designed to nourish and repair damaged hair. Inspired by Indian women who use blends of coconut oil and turmeric in their hair beauty rituals to nourish and take care of their hair. The result? Healthy, strong more beautiful hair with a beautiful exotic scent of coconut and a tint of spice.
Dove Nourishing Secrets Restoring ritual shampoo & conditioner combine our nourishing technologies with coconut oil and turmeric. Helping to nourish deeply and restore visible signs of damaged hair. Leaving your hair with a healthy look and feel. Enjoy your own Indian inspired hair beauty rituals closer to home from Dove. It’s our little gift to you.

Dove restoring ritual inspired by hair beauty rituals of Indian women, A nourishing shampoo enriched with coconut oil and turmeric, With rich creamy formulation, which gently cleanses your hair, Helps restore and strengthens damaged hair, Leaves your hair stronger, healthier and more beautiful (against breakage vs non-conditioning shampoo), Deeply nourishes for restored hair

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