Fogg Scent EDP 15 Ml Absolute
Fogg Scent EDP 15 Ml Absolute

Fogg Scent EDP 15 Ml Absolute

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Fogg Scent EDP 15 Ml Absolute
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  • 1. COMPONENTS: see details on product packaging


    - Fogg Absolute perfume is a high-class non-alcoholic aromatic essential oil, keeping the fragrance throughout the day bringing a pleasant, seductive, luxurious, mysterious feeling from the Middle East - Dubai, making a difference, perfume has a spray-shaped, compact design, easy to carry when traveling, office, school

    - premium mini perfume Fogg A solute   Irrespective of gender, affordable price of students, high quality has been trusted by many customers


    - Open the cap and roll on the wrist, nape, arm or on the skin of the neck

    4. STORAGE: Do not put perfume bottles near fire, keep out of reach of children, open wounds and eyes, store the product in a cool dry place to avoid high temperatures

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