Dermacos Cooling Cucumber Cleanser 500Gm

Dermacos Cooling Cucumber Cleanser 500Gm

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Dermacos Cooling Cucumber Cleanser 500Gm
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  • Manufactured by Dermacos Laboratories International, Dermacos is a UK manufacturer and distributor of high quality professional skincare products. Specializing in quality skin care products and all sorts of cosmetics to make you more beautiful.

    A thick whipped elegant cleansing balm calming and soothing, this cleanser gently sweeps away surface impurities and hydrates skin during cleansing process with Cucumber extracts, a natural astringent. Soften and lightening the skin without dryness although is very gentle wet very effective cleanser.

    Dermacos Dermapure Cooling Cucumber Cleanser is a dense cleaning cream recommended for all types of skin. Its deep indulging formula provides different foaming action softness and cleanses and balances the skin without dryness to give you a glowing soothing sensation.

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