DR RASHEL Black Whitening Cream DRL-1356

DR RASHEL Black Whitening Cream DRL-1356

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DR RASHEL Black Whitening Cream DRL-1356
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    DR.RASHEL body and private parts whitening cream the use of innovative technology, to create fine pearl powder, fine texture, the skin, gently push wipe it evenly spread, cover a variety of sizes blemishes, hide small pores. let you experience every day more andmore tender skin surprise, neckline, private parts India straps, cuffs and, bikini printed all disappear, even the most difficult of the elbow, toes can touch concealer, causing even mention bright color, good effect to you scream with it, is still dark complexion and trouble?

    Main Ingredients:

    Water, glycerol, sorbitol, white mineral oil PEG-30 dimeric hydroxystearic acid ester nano-titanium dloxide, dioctyl carbonate, magnesium stearate, hydroxybenzophenone, fragrance.hydrolyzed collagen, bamboo charcoal.


    Apply proper on body(where you wanted whitening area stay 10-15 minutes, after shower massage for 30 seconds double effects,instant whitening tone in the skin surface. Smooth and whitening skin maintain all day.

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