Dr Rashel Vitamin C Primer Serum 100ml DRL-1488 100ml
Dr Rashel Vitamin C Primer Serum 100ml

Dr Rashel Vitamin C Primer Serum 100ml DRL-1488 100ml

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  • Product Highlights:

    • Filled with vitamin C and niacinamide - with anti-aging and brightening benefits
    • Dual benefit - for general improvement of skin and makeup primer
    • Works as a skin-refiner - addresses dehydration and dark pigmentation
    • Free of fragrances and alcohol
    • Available in 100ml
    Dr. Rashel VC Vitamin C Niacinamide & Brightening Primer Serum helps you achieve an over-all better-looking skin. Loaded with vitamin C and niacinamide, it offers multiple benefits to skin as it targets fine lines, dryness, damaged skin cells, inflammation, and dull and faded skin. It serves as a protective, hydrating, long lasting and brightening base under makeup foundation and tinted moisturizers. It instantly enhances the skin complexion, turning it brighter and translucent than before. The skin-brightening, vitamin-c infused primer serum does not contain alcohol and fragrance.

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