Dr Rashel Whitening Fade Cleanser DRL-1433

Dr Rashel Whitening Fade Cleanser DRL-1433

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Dr Rashel Whitening Fade Cleanser DRL-1433
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    • Product name Whitening Face Wash
      Brand DR RASHEL
      Function Deep Cleansing;Fade Dark Spot;Whitening
      Feature Natural Organic,Stong Effects
      Skin type All Skin Types
      Shelf time 3 Years
      NET 100g
      G.W 110g
      Storage Normal Temperature,Avoid direct sunlight

      Cautions:Avoid airectly contacting the eyes,please immediately flush the eyes with clear water in case of eye contact;keep it out of reach of children;do not take it orally;immediately stop use it if skin feels umcomfortable or sensitive after use.

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