Hemani Amla Hair Oil 200ml
Hemani Amla Hair Oil 200ml

Hemani Amla Hair Oil 200ml

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Hemani Amla Hair Oil 200ml
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Hemani Amla Hair Oil consists of active arrda ingredients that promotes hair growth, prevents dandruff, makes hair strong, silky and shiny. It rejuventes dull and damaged hair and leaves a cooling effect on the scalp. Its natural ingredients also prevents split ends.

  • Prevent dandruff and make hair strong.
  • Improves hair health.
  • Complete hair care
  • Rejuventes dull & damage hair
  • Cooling effect on scalp
  • Prevents split ends

Ingredients:Amla Extract, Praffinum Liquidum, Fragrance

Composition:Extrait d'amla, Paraffine liquide, fragrance

Note:For External Use Only

Country of Origin:Pakistan

Product Weight:200 ml


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