Sativa Whitening Cream Original 20 Gram
Sativa Whitening Cream Original 20 Gram

Sativa Whitening Cream Original 20 Gram

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Sativa Whitening Cream Original 20 Gram
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What is Sativa Whitening Cream?

Sativa Whitening Cream is a product of modern research whose major ingredient is Nigella Sativa. Many Researches have been carried out on Nigella Sativa in India, Turkey, China, Germany and Pakistan. Approximately 458 researches have been conducted and published. As is said by the two very prominent Egyptian researches Dr. Mahfouz and Adu-Khani that there are more than 100 different kinds of chemical elements found in Nigella Sativa which uproot the toxic matters existing in our skin.

According to a research by famous Indian scientist Dr. M. Laiq Ali Khan (Director Shah Faisal University of Hadith and Science) “the use of the extract of Nigella Sativa singularly or along with other ingredients on skin not only cures skin diseases but also creates fairness in skin.”

Agha Khan University has published a famous research stating that “Nigella Sativa is a wonder drug which along with curing skin diseases also lessens the amount of Eumlanin in the skin and makes the complexion clean and glowing.”

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said about Nigella Sativa fourteen hundred years ago that “in (Nigella Sativa) there is cure of everything except death.” (Bukhari, Book # 71, Medicines, H # 591)

Benefits of Sativa Whitening Cream:

Sativa Whitening Cream attested by Pakistan Infection Control Society, is such a cream which start showing its results on skin only in five days and its continuous use makes dry, normal, oily skin attractive and fair according to your dreams.

Sativa Whitening Cream is an effective cream for skin fairness which absorbs in skin easily by reducing Melanin cell nourishment, removes dull complexion of skin and maintains elasticity of the skin by making it soft and silky. Latest vitamin complexes in Sativa Cream works in the deep internal layer alongwith external fairness of your skin. It is equally useful for the inhabitants of hot and cold countries. Sativa Cream removes visible black heads and acne for the skin. Sativa Cream removes dark circles around eyes, removes the freckles and saves skin from sunlight and harmful effects of rays of the sun and surprisingly makes skin soft and silky in few days.

Marks of wounds, dark spots, blackheads and acne can be removed by the continuous use of Sativa Cream. In summer, skin gets black due to sunlight, dirt, pollution and excess of sweat and a layer of dust is formed on face and especially on neck. Sativa Cream by removing layer of frozen dirt from your face and neck brings fairness to your face and neck. Sativa Cream is the only cream which makes you so beautiful that even you yourself cannot believe.

Sativa Cream beautifies your skin by penetrating deep into your skin and nourishes skin cells. Due to the presence of Nigella Sativa, all the toxic elements and bacteria present in skin are killed and freshness of skin is maintained. Sativa Cream can be used for normal, sensitive and freckled skin. Due to Sativa Cream, skin not only gets fair but is also cleaned and refreshed like rose. Sativa Whitening Cream produces natural beauty that does not wither away with the passage of time. Dark circles, pimples, acne, wrinkles and freckles are completely removed by the use of Sativa Cream.

Medium Skin Tone:Sativa Whitening Cream starts its action on medium skin tone only in five days and makes your skin glow.

Tan Skin Tone:Sativa Whitening Cream starts its action on people with teen skin tone in ten days and makes your skin delicate.

Deep Skin Tone:Sativa Whitening Cream starts its action on people with deep skin tone in fifteen days and makes your skin soft and silky.

Why skin get black?

People living in the countries encircled by Equator (such as South Asia, Asia and some Arab countries) get their skin black or dark brown due to the excess of a pigment called “Eumlanin” and hot weather.

Besides this, exposing skin to direct sunlight and not using any sun-block cream may increase the amount of Eumlanin in the skin because of the presence of ultraviolet rays in sunlight. As a result, not only our skin get black or dark brown but also suffer from skin diseases such as ‘dark circles, pimples and freckles’ etc.

Most of country’s population use inexpensive and low-quality skin fairness creams from market due to lack of information. By the use of these creams our skin gets fair but these creams leave extremely harmful effects on our skin.

How to Use:

Wash your face with Sativa Whitening Soap or Sativa Face Washbefore going to bed and make it dry. Then apply Sativa Cream in small quantity and massage your skin in a way that leave a layer of cream on the skin. Wash your face with Sativa Whitening Face Wash/ Sativa Whitening Soap in the morning. Within five days, your complexion would get clear and spots, stains, freckles and dark circles around your eyes would disappear slowly. Use Sativa Cream continuously until you get desired results.Never miss a dose and use Sativa Cream once or twice in a week even after getting desired results so that your skin may not be spoiled again due to the harmful effects of sunlight, pollution, dust and makeup. Sativa Cream is beneficial equally both for men and women.

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