Soft’n Shine liposoluble wax Retouch your Beauty 800 Gram

Soft’n Shine liposoluble wax Retouch your Beauty 800 Gram

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Soft’n Shine liposoluble wax Retouch your Beauty 800 Gram
Rs=1,200 Rs=1,000
Availability: We only Deliver in Pakistan,Dc Rs 150 (COD Available) Free Delivery on Rs 5,000 & Above orders. Confusion while placing order? Whatsapp us 03005669959
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  • Removes hair easily
  • Gentle on skin
  • Premium quality
  • Long Lasting
  • 100% Authentic And Original Not Counterfeit.
  • Brand New in Retail Packaging.
  • Fruity Wax 1000g.
  • Excellent for strong & fine hairs including ingrowing hairs.
  • A high performance Depilatory Fruit Flavor Wax with a low operating temperature for salon professional hair removal.

No need to make appointments, simply do the sugaring at? home.?
- Removes unpleasant hair on legs, underarms, face and pubic area and leaves skin feeling soft and stubble free.?
- Stubble free for longer: After applying the Wax you'll be left with smooth skin for approx. 5-6weeks. No need for daily shaving!Comes with detailed English instructions.? No accessories needed, easy to apply by hand.?

Waxing is great, but know the limitations. “Although the stubble may not be the same as the one you get after a shave, the risk for in-grown hair when you wax is much more. Use body lotions that contain lactic acid, like DCL HP Lotion, which helps get rid of follicular plugs. Also, let hair grow out before you wax

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