Wellice 24k Gold Camel Milk Shampoo 520ml
Wellice 24k Gold Camel Milk Shampoo 520ml

Wellice 24k Gold Camel Milk Shampoo 520ml

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Wellice 24k Gold Camel Milk Shampoo 520ml
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Professional Oriental formula based on Camel Whey. Camel milk contains 8 types of essential amino acids in the correct proportion. It has antifungal, antibacterial properties. Excellent remedy for the treatment of psoriasis and inflammation on the scalp. Helps improve strength and elasticity. Nourishes and detangles hair. For ultimate shine. Effective anti-dandruff formula; regulates fat balance; prevents hair loss; makes hair strong, thick and smooth; protects hair color; gently cleanses hair and scalp, deeply moisturizes hair roots; heals and restores damaged hair; keeps hair strong and healthy. Contains Essences of 24K Gold with nourishing amino acids, which are aimed at treating dandruff, make hair more elastic, maintain the obvious effect of a healthy shine. Restores hair health, ideally protects the hair core, prevents tangling. Nourishes and repairs dry damaged hair, prevents split ends. Gently cleanses, gently cares for hair and scalp, makes hair elegant and luxurious!

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